AVG Antivirus Pro APK (v6.40.0) 2021 (Premium Unlocked)

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August 16th, 2021

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Looking for an antivirus and security app for Android devices? Try AVG antivirus pro apk 2021. You can now download the Avg antivirus pro apk for free. The program cleans your device from all malware and bugs and offers complete protection.

The modern world is one in which we live. In the digital world, people are increasingly doing their work online. We are getting better and better at using the internet with our mobile devices and pcs, which makes everything easier. You can do many online transactions in today’s world, including money transfers, deposits, and shopping.

How safe is it right now? No way! A hacker or cyber group may be able to view your transactions, and they can rapidly hack your mobile device and can steal all of your money.

Similarly, data is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any person’s life. You can protect your data, such as pictures, videos, and other things, by storing them on your android device. In addition, hackers can insert malware into your android device and hack it in a flash; at that point, you could be robbed or scammed.

This is since mobiles are an essential part of modern life. Therefore, data and online transactions should be secured against viruses and malware by using excellent antivirus programs that guarantee IP addresses and give us a layer of protection.

I highly recommend that you use the AVG antivirus app on your Android phone to keep it safe. I use this pro apk for my personal use. It is one of the most awarded antiviruses.

What Is AVG Antivirus Pro APK

In particular, it’s an Avg antivirus pro version that has been modded (cracked). All the AVG Premium app benefits are free of charge with this apk, such as guarding your photos, messages, & memories.

With AVG AntiVirus, you get:

  • The real-time app, game, and file scanning
  • Inactive tasks are automatically terminated
  • Improved battery life with Power Saver mode
  • Delete unnecessary files and cache to free up space
  • Lockdown of sensitive apps built-in
  • Detects threats in WiFi networks automatically

As an anti-virus program, AVG protects your device from viruses. Google Play reviewers rate the application 4.7 out of 5.0 stars based on AVG Technologies’ development. Freemium products, such as AVG antivirus, can be downloaded and used for free, but an upgraded plan from the company is required for technical support.

AVG Antivirus Pro Apk Features

You can get access to AVG pro apk for free, as I explained earlier. This avg mod apk is highlighted below with some of its best features.

Dual-Engine Antivirus

Most antivirus programs are now ineffective since they can be easily bypassed. This is one of the reasons why Pro Avg Antivirus Apk stands out from other antivirus software.

Avg antivirus, once installed, automatically scans and removes hidden malicious files without slowing down your device. In addition, its dual-engine antivirus detects apps, games, and files without the need to activate the device.

Built-in Anti-theft security

The theft or loss of 80 million Android phones each year. This is quite a number, and they cannot be tracked without any type of theft software. However, it is possible to follow stolen Android phones via google maps using AVG Pro mod apk, thus providing relief from the nightmare. Additionally, with hidden history, you’re able to access your call history, contact info, and text message records.

Camera Trap

In this AVG antivirus mod, my favorite feature is Camera Trap (Theft). If your phone is not unlocked three times, AVG pro antivirus sends you a photo that shows the location of the person trying to snoop your phone.

When we see someone using our mobile, we know whether the person is an annoying brother or a professional thief.

Auto Device Lock

Have you ever experienced changing the SIM card on a lost/stolen device? Unfortunately, it is common for thieves to remove a SIM card after stealing a phone. However, thereThen, for are many unique features of AVG antivirus pro apk that are useful in situations like this.

Every time you change your SIM, AVG locks your device, preventing users from making calls or gaining access to your private information.

Built-in App Lock

My pictures, messages, and videos are snooped upon a lot. You should do the same, I’m sure. You can lock any application using the in-built app lock feature of AVG Pro. In addition, it is possible to close an application with a PIN code.

The AVG pro app will automatically propose a lock option for sensitive apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, or banking apps.

Some More Features

You might also like some of the following features.

  • Malicious threats are scanned on websites
  • Speed up your downloads and uploads
  • Cleaner for advanced viruses
  • Observer
  • App to track your time spent
  • History from a distance
  • Using a VPN increases your privacy

How To Install And Use AVG Antivirus Pro Apk

Avg antivirus pro apk installation and configuration can be done in just a few minutes. Installing the application on Android is easy for anyone who knows how to do so. However, you can still download and install it with the help of this step-by-step guide.

Click the “GO TO DOWNLOAD PAGE” button, and you will get redirected to AVG Antivirus cracked apk download page. Then, click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button to download the apk. The download will begin in a few seconds. Once you have downloaded the apk file, open it.

Then, turn on “Allow from this source” by clicking on the “SETTING” option. After clicking “Back” on the previous screen, click “INSTALL” again. It will now begin to install. Launch the antivirus program after installation.

  • You will be asked if this is your first time installing from Chrome. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried if you didn’t see the screen.
  • The first step is to uninstall your existing avg antivirus program. It will not succeed otherwise.

The antivirus program now needs to be opened. Your device will be scanned for any malware or viruses after it is opened. My Android was infected with one virus, as you can see from this screenshot. Thanks to the avg mod apk, I had been able to resolve the issue.

Four: Now, you can enable or disable any function you want, such as the Sensitive Lock app, the automatic daily scanning, and many other features.

5: You now need to turn on the antivirus’ theft prevention feature. Click on “SECURE IT.” A few simple steps will lead you to turn this feature on. As you can see in the screenshot, click “SET UP NOW.” Afterward, it will ask you to create a unique PIN code, enable remote access, and add necessary permissions.

In Step 6, you will need to select “LOCK APPS” under “lock sensitive apps” if you will use the built-in security system of the app. For the first time, the app lock will need to be configured. To set a PIN code, click “SET UP NOW.” After that, their the naan be applied to any application.

  • The first thing you should do is apply for a bank account
  • App-lock should always be secured with a passcode
  • Neither use birth years, vehicle numbers, nor lucky numbers as your PIN code

Note: Uninstall any previous version of the avg antivirus; otherwise, it will show some installation issues.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Whenever anyone asks me a question, I answer it. Feel free to comment if I did not pick up on your problem. It will indeed be resolved.

In this modified version of the AVG mobile antivirus, AVG antivirus pro apk replaces the official AVG virus scanner. It’s free to use all the premium features in this antivirus as some open-source developer changed the app.

To let anyone use it for free, we bypass the purchase option and API option. As a user, I haven’t encountered any issues with this mod.

You can find tested premium apps at Thinkers. AVG Antivirus Pro Mod apk, as well as all the files on thinkers, have first been tested by me by hand for any hidden trojans or malware, and I only provide them to you if I find that they are 100% safe.

For Android devices, antivirus is akin to “Policeman.” It prevents malware from accessing your data and defends your device from incoming malware.

AVG antivirus is the only free antivirus available that possesses a dual-engine scanning mechanism. Therefore, this is my favorite.

This mod apk is available in the latest version. Antivirus software should continually be updated. Thus, you can download Avg antivirus pro Version 6.38.4 free of charge via the download link I am providing above.

Several other applications that assist in keeping the android device safe and clean come with AVG mobile.

Avg cleaner pro apk is the best choice if your android is lagging. It clears out empty folders and junk files to make your device smooth as butter.

Wrapping It up

AVG antivirus pro apk 2021 for android is here today as the latest version. All premium features are now free to use. You can always get the most current version of this website by bookmarking this page.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it. As well, feel free to comment down below if you have any questions about avg antivirus pro android security apk. Thanks for getting in touch with me. 🙂

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