WhatsApp Aero v17.40 APK Download Latest Version 2020 (Anti-ban)

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October 2nd, 2021

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WhatsApp Aero APK 2021: WhatsApp’s newly released application. It was recently developed with the help of Boozart Hazar Foud Mods. The WA Aero mode has the same features as other WhatsApp modes, but it is entirely different in some ways, as you will find in this article.

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When we talk about WhatsApp modes, we usually know about GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, but they are all old now. They have a lot of insects and pitfalls.

But now that WhatsApp Aero is released in 2021, then why don’t we try it, and in this article, you will be asked: “Why is it worth downloading WhatsApp Aero?” Make sure you read all the items until you want to know about this new WhatsApp Aero Mode APK.

Why is it worth downloading WhatsApp Aero?

You all know about the new 2021 WhatsApp Arrow APK and why you should download it. Well, this mode has a new user interface, which gives us a better look. And Aero Mode is not just about its look; it’s about performance.

The stability of this mod is more excellent than any WhatsApp mode currently available. Bozkurt Hazar developed this APK in a completely different way to Whatsapp mode.

WhatsApp Aero APK Info:

Read the information below to get an information of ​​the APK size, app version, required Android version, and last update time. Make sure your Android version is above or below the requirement; otherwise, you won’t be running WhatsApp Aero on your device.

download WhatsApp aero
App Name WhatsApp Aero
Version Latest
APK Size 68 MB
Required Android
Android 4.0+
Last Updated One day ago

Download the WhatsApp Aero APK:

Download the latest WhatsApp Aero Mode APK of 2021 by clicking on the Download button, and don’t forget to read the Installation Guide to install this Wei Mode correctly. A FAQ section to clarify some of your questions about the WA Aero Mode Read.

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Detailed features of WhatsApp Aero

This section describes the WhatsApp Aero features. You can skip this part if you know everything about those features. So let’s start now.

New attractive user interface

We are frustrated with the same and old WhatsApp user interface. But in WhatsApp Aero, the main work is done with a better working interface. The new user interface is excellent. I don’t think if anyone likes the old user interface, they don’t like the new one.

You must watch it. This user interface is only made for WhatsApp Aero and is not available in other WhatsApp modes and official WhatsApp.

Faster performance than any other WhatsApp mod:

It’s not just a comment, and WhatsApp Aero is indeed quicker than any WA mode currently available on the Internet. As you know, the WA Aero was developed by Bozkurt Hazar. It is also quicker than Foud Mods and Yowatsap. If you are looking for a WA mode that works best, go for WhatsApp Aero.

Thousands of theme and sticker packs:

WhatsApp Aero has a latest Aero Themes Store, where you can find many themes as well as sticker packs. Also, this feature is built-in. You can download sticker packs and use them in chat to cool your conversations. You can also find Yothiems at the Aero Store.

Anti-Ban WhatsApp mod:

You may encounter bans when using WhatsApp mode, but using WhatsApp Aero is safer and includes a newer anti-ban system. You will not be banned from using WA Aero. Change your WA mode today and enjoy all the features. Easily download the latest mod version of WhatsApp from our website.

Other amazing features of WhatsApp Aero Mod:

WhatsApp Aero has many customizable features. You can customize the home screen icon as well as the notification icon. Customize your WhatsApp contacts DP and status so that you can use the custom DP or condition of any of your WA contacts.

Hidden features

  • You can hide the date and time when copying the message.
  • Forward tags can be hidden using WhatsApp Aero.
  • You can hide the blue tick along with the second tick.
    Additional features
  • WhatsApp Aero has a feature like Inbuilt Locker that allows you to lock your chat without using another lock application.
  • There are also anti-retraction messages and status attributes that can be used when deleting a message or state, as we can see.
  • WhatsApp has good privacy options, along with aero security systems.
  • We can restore and backup data in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Aero is perfect for sending large numbers of pictures and high-quality videos to those using WA.

Installation Guide for WhatsApp Aero:

In this guide, you will find every information about the installation of WhatsApp Arrow APK. So before leaving this website, you can read our easy installation guide. Follow these easy steps to install WA Aero correctly.

Start an unknown source. First, you need to start the installation from unknown sources. Because WhatsApp is not available in the official App Stores. This is a third-party application. Unknown source To enable lighting, go to Settings> Security> Permissions> Unknown Source.

Tap on Install. Once you start the installation from an unknown source, find the WhatsApp Aero APK on your device. You can find it by following this> Device Storage> Downloads> WhatsApp Arrow APK. Now, open the APK, tap on the Install button and wait for a few seconds. The installation ends soon.

Create your account now; the installation of WhatsApp Aero is over. Open the APK and create your account. Fill in the OTP and link your mobile number to WhatsApp. If you have a backup of your files, you can restore old files.

Everything is fully set. Enjoy all the features of WhatsApp Aero on your device. Also, if you have any problems using WhatsApp Aero for any feature, make sure you comment on the article. We will help you at any time. Also, update your WhatsApp Aero with us and download the latest version of the WA Aero Mode APK.

A frequently asked question:

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions about security, restrictions, update issues, and more on WhatsApp. Also, if you still have some questions about WhatsApp Aero, you can comment in our comment box, and we will let you know about your queries.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Aero Mod?

Yes, your device is safe to use WhatsApp Aero Mode APK. Unlike third-party mode, you don’t even need a rooted device to enjoy WhatsApp’s features. As we all know, “how dangerous our device is.” There is no malware. So, you can use the WA Aero without worrying about your device, because it is 100% safe.

How do I update WhatsApp?

To update the WhatsApp Aero APK, you can visit our website. This is because we offer the latest version of our mode, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Go to our website and find the WhatsApp Aero APK and go to the Download button and hit the button.

Before doing this, you should check the last update time and the APK version so that it helps you to know about the latest version. After downloading the newest version, you can uninstall the old version or change the APK.

Ban me from using WhatsApp Aero?

No, you will not be banned when using WhatsApp Aero. You know about the latest anti-ban system used in the revised version. This is not like the old WhatsApp mode; you will be banned after applying the mod. WhatsApp Aero Anti Ban Mode APK.

Use WA Aero as long as you want and use all the fantastic features, including a beautiful user interface and a high-speed performance editing app.

Can I use the hidden features in WhatsApp Aero?

Yes, you can use all the features of pod modes, including hidden features. You can hide the forward tag by forwarding the message. Additionally, you can hide the blue tick along with the second tick.

All of these features are from the Foud Mods designed by Foud Mocad. WhatsApp Aero is called the second version of Foud Mods. This is because it has similar characteristics. But the difference is the performance and the user interface.

Does WhatsApp Aero have Anti-Revoke Message and Status feature?

Yes, WhatsApp Aero has an Anti-Revoc message as well as an Anti-Revoc Status feature such as Foud Mods. Using these features will help you read the permanently deleted message as well as the removed status of your contacts.

When someone removes a letter from your chat, you will not see that message, but by using the retraction message feature, you can see the message clearly. The same goes for the position that has been deleted by your contacts.

WhatsApp Aero faster than other WhatsApp mod?

Yes, when we compare WhatsApp Aero to other WA modes. Improved performance, aero faster than features, chats, video calls, and more. We advise you to change your WhatsApp through WhatsApp Aero Latest Mod APK. It is quick with a new and excellent user interface. Make an effort

Last call:

Therefore, I do not know what to say. Now you know everything about WhatsApp Aero. If you haven’t read about the WA Aero, then I recommend you read the features. That way, you can quickly learn about WhatsApp Aero.

This is terrible when we talk about performance, user interface, features, particular anti-ban system, and some other features like anti-message. So what do you think? Easily download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero APK from our website.

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