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GBWhatsApp APK: Hey, phallus! If you have an Android device. You must have WhatsApp installed on your Android device. Being a popular messaging app, everyone must have WhatsApp installed on your device. Today I’m going to tell you about GBWhatsApp. Many users have heard of this app, and most of them have not heard.

In today’s article, we are going to clarify some features of GBWhatsApp and how to install it on your Android device. You can enjoy this fantastic mode of Whats app. There is no Android device from below. We have provided a direct download link for Gb WhatsApp beneath.

GBWA APK Official WA for Android 2020: Not many features available. Currently, it is updating your best to ensure more functions. Also, we offer you the latest version of GBWhatsApp for free and can be easily downloaded on gbapk on our site.

Download the GBWhatsapp Update APK:
Watch the video below to see how you can download and use this GBWhatsapp APK right now on your Android device. Download gbwhatsapp for Android from the link at the top of this post, then click on the video below, and it will guide you on how to use this APK right now on your Android device.

Watch this video, and you’ll have ideas on how to download and use this gbwhatsapp APK on your device and enjoy it for free. Don’t forget to check the Independence APK for your phone.

Information about GBWhatsApp 2020 APK:

There are many websites that do not provide enough information about APK, but we provide every little information. The table below gives you information about the new version of GBWA 2020, APK size, required Android version, security, and last update. This will help you learn more about GBWhatsApp APK and its latest versions.

App NameGBWhatsApp
Version8.25 (Latest)
APK Size52 MB
Required Android
Last UpdatedOne day ago

Features of GBWhatsApp APK 2020:

GbWhatsapp APK benefits:

The latest version of GBWhatsApp 2019 features great availability options for multimedia, more hidden features, new and customized themes, multi-account, and many other cool features. Many of these features are not available in official WhatsApp 2020, which is why GBWA is even more widespread. Read the article to learn all the features and the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

  • Multimedia
  • Now you can send large files of video, audio, images
  • You can send video files up to 50 MB
  • Audio files can be shared up to 100 MB
  • The original quality of images when sending.
  • Convert video player in GBWhatsApp
  • You can now send more than ten images
  • Video sharing is limited to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
  • Conceal
  • Double Tick Hide
  • Hide online status
  • Hide reading status
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide the write state
  • Hide recording status
  • New themes, multiple accounts, and languages

New GBWhatsapp theme

  • Other GBWA users can use it to create and use themes
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual / Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • GBWA supports different languages
  • Emoji, Gif, Stickers & Launcher
  • New launcher icon
  • Emoji Changer is available
  • You can change the notification bar icon
  • Ability to add stickers from Play Store
  • Multi Gift Provider
  • Auto reply, copy status, always
  • You can copy someone’s status by tapping your status
  • Always online facility
  • Automatically reply to messages similar to WhatsApp Business

Other excellent features

  • Enable password
  • Backup facility
  • Message scheduling
  • Change your last focus
  • Excellent tick styles
  • WhatsApp is not connected to the web but does not work

What’s New in GBWhatsApp APK 2020

  • Fixed bugs and errors
  • More new emojis have been added
  • You can now call participants in groups
  • Fixed a bug when adding stickers from the Google Play Store
  • Fixed a crash when you found the theme
  • More consistent application

How to install GBWhatsapp Apk on Android?

As with all messaging applications installation, GB WhatsApp Plus has the same steps of installation, let’s go through them. First of all, it is a third-party app; you have to start with unknown sources.

It’s easy to get started. You go to the “Settings” phone, then select “Security” and tap Unknown sources to allow it now.

This app works on rooted and rooted Android phones. GBWhatsapp Plus works on most Android devices, so if you have an iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry phone, you’ll have better luck using it.

download gb whatsapp apk

Step 1

Download GB WhatsApp from the link above. I have provided four GBWhatsApp download links, one for the latest version and three for the older version.

download gb whatsapp apk

Step 2

Now all you have to do is install it as you would with other applications. You can open your phone’s file explorer and locate the application. Or you can download and use ES File Explorer. It is available on the Google Play Store.

Step 3

Once you see the GB WhatsApp APK file on the screen, tap on it and then click on the Install button at the bottom. The installation process may take a few seconds. After that, it will show that the app is installed.

download gb whatsapp apk

Step 4

Now open the app, it will ask you to enter the number for the verification process. If the OTP SMS is not received, you can receive the OTP code by phone call.

Step -5

Now that validation is complete, you can enjoy the amazing features this app has to offer. Keep updating the app for more features. The GBWhatsApp update is released every month and comes with many new features.

Download GbWhatsapp 9.1

Note: Instead of entering a single phone number for additional features, you can also enter a new phone number to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Using Dual WhatsApp on Android is real fun. You can prank your friends and family.

Advantages of GBWhatsApp APK

Gbwhatsapp advantages

After reading all the features of GBWA, you will discover the benefits of GBWA. It has many features that are never available on official WhatsApp. You can use it to send large audio-video files, you can read your online status and more in this article. But there are also some disadvantages to every application that has its advantages. Read the article to learn more.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp APK

Gbwhatsapp disadvantages

As you know, GBWhatsApp has many amazing features. But GBWA is not recommended by the official WA. And long use of GBWA will result in a permanent ban on your WhatsApp account. Therefore it is advisable to use a temporary number to overcome the limit. Use GBWA for temporary use and never use your prime number for an account in GBWA.

Explained features of GBWhatsApp 2020 APK:

In this section, the GBWA features are described; if you do not understand more about these features, you can read below. I hope this helps you understand all the features of GBWA easily.

Multimedia sharing has improved.

Gbwhatsapp multimedia sharing

When we talk about the official WhatsApp multimedia feature, we are faced with many problems such as not being able to send large size video and audio. The received video cannot be opened in our external video players. Also, we cannot share more videos and more images at once.

But at GBWA, we can send more than ten images at once and with the original quality. We can share 7 minutes of video length instead of 30 seconds. And for the audio file, we can share up to 100 MB at a time and up to 50 MB for the video file. All these features are only available in GBWhatsApp. These features can be very helpful in everyday life as we rely heavily on WhatsApp.

Hide your online presence on GBWA

Gbwhatsapp hide features

This hiding feature is not available on official WhatsApp. You know how our social media lives change day by day. We need more privacy than the previous one. But official WA has been unable to give us privacy options like GBWhatsApp. At GBWA, we can do a lot of hiding stuff.

We can hide double ticks and hide our online status so that we can be private. There are many things we can do in GBWA, such as hiding your writing, hiding your recording status, hiding the status of the message, and more. Official WhatsApp does not tolerate all of these great features as to why GBWA was developed. Download GBWA on our website now.

New themes, multiple accounts, and languages

At Official WhatsApp, we don’t have much choice about new themes, only limited themes. When we talk about multiple accounts, WhatsApp supports only one account in its APK; we need a multi-space app to use multiple accounts on official WhatsApp. And it only supports 60 languages on Android. But in GBWA, there are so many options for the theme.

We can use customized themes, create and use themes created by other GBWA users. GBWA supports multiple accounts without the need for other applications, such as cloned apps. You can create 3-4 accounts in GBWA. In addition, it supports more languages than the official version.

Emoji, Gif, Stickers & Launcher

Gbwhatsapp gif, emoji

GBWhatsApp supports the emoji changer option so that we can customize our emoji. It has new launcher icons so that we won’t get bored using a single launcher icon for months. We can change and customize the notification bar icon for GBWA in GBWhatsApp. Now, it also supports Play Store stickers.

We can download any sticker group for use in GBWA. As we know, official WhatsApp has limited gifs, but in GBWA, we can find multi-gif providers. And enjoy using this unlimited gif in our chat. GBWA has many customized features that are not available on official WhatsApp. You can only find them in GBWA.

Other features:
Do you know about WhatsApp Business’s Auto-Reply feature? With that feature, you can respond to your WA contracts when available. You can select the message for auto-reply. This feature is also available in GBWA. Also, you can copy the other status by tapping their status. For this, you do not need to give them a screenshot of their status. This is a good feature of GBWhatsApp.

GBWA is always online. With this, you can show yourself online 24/7. Other than that, it has features like password, backup, message scheduling, last seen changes, excellent tick style, web connectivity, and more.

GBWA supports WhatsApp Web, but not all additional features work there. You can back up your chats on GBWA so you can restore them whenever you want. You can use messaging scheduling for a chat. For security and other personal items, you can change what you last saw. All these additional features are not available on official WhatsApp. To use them

GBWhatsapp App Apk Download:

Now a guy named Omar has posted many mods on his site, and all those applications are working great. With this mode of WhatsApp, you can install dual WhatsApp on your Android device. One is the original WhatsApp, and the other is the GB WhatsApp.

You have no limitation issues, and you can easily run this WhatsApp just like you installed any Android app. See also Best YouTube Video Download, Ogube App, You Can Try It On Your Android Device. Also, you can download and install thousands of themes available in the GBWhatsApp Plus Download, and at the same time, you can create your theme and run it on your WhatsApp.

The last word :

If you are looking for gbwhatsapp iPhone or gbwhatsapp for iPhone free download, you may be disappointed, but gbwhatsapp for iPhone is not available in the movement. There are some super cool gbwhatsapp themes available for Android devices that you can use on your Android device, for easy viewing in the app.

This is an article about GBWhatsApp, and you can easily download and install GBWhatsApp by following this tutorial. You can download the latest WhatsApp Mode app from this latest mode apps blog. I hope you have it. Enjoy the privacy and thank you for visiting and for more tips and tricks and keep the peace as usual!

  • Hide online status
  • Anti-ban


GBWA APK Official WA for Android 2020: Not many features available. Currently, it is updating your best to ensure more functions. Also, we offer you the latest version of GBWhatsApp for free and can be easily downloaded on our site.

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