How to Reach Conqueror in PUBG?

Do you also want to Conqueror in PUBG, then PUBG is going to share the best tips to reach Conqueror Tier in Season 16 of Mobile. If you have thought about Rank Pushing this season , we will share some Best Tips and Tricks so that you can easily become a Conqueror with your Squad.

PUBG Mobile has become a much loved mobile game, which has left a distinct mark in the world of E-Sports. Each player performs a Rank Push to increase their rank, which will allow them to play in the Lobby of good players.

To get a competitive experience in PUBG Mobile, you have to reach high tier like Ace and Conqueror. PUBG Mobile has the Highest Tier Conqueror, which can include only 500 players. As soon as PUBG Mobile Season 16 starts, PUBG lovers have started to push the ranks.

Every season a lot of players visit ‘Ace’ and ‘Conqueror’ to get tags, profile frames. Every season a lot of players try to go to Conqueror and S, but in the end they stop the rank push, must work tirelessly and choose a good three that will help you get into Conquerior.

Your landing spot should be pre-decided where you can get out of Hot-Drop by playing strategy, keep a vehicle with you so that you will not have trouble in moving to the next Play Zone. Keep your Survival Goal in mind and decide that you have to Survive 80% and Avoid Unwanted Fights which will give you good plus points in every match.

If you do not have Points Increase, then instead of having Panic, work with patience.

How to push rank in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG, your matchmaking happens with the same players that are in your tier, every player starts a rank push when the new season starts, but they get nervous and stop because the approach is not right.

It is important to rank push how you need to collect points and in this article we will share some strategy and tips to get more points in a match.

What are Ranks and Tiers in PUBG?

According to how much you survive in a classic match, you get Ranking Points at the end of the match. If your match is bad then your points will also be minus. Points of ranking are given to you based on Survival, Team Support, Combat and Win Ratio.

Better Luck Next Time

You all know that PUBG includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror Tier. So you have to increase the rating points to reach all the Tier except Conqueror.

PUBG Mobile Ranks and Tiers

TierRating Points


Serve longer:

Land in a safe place to avoid an early fight, so that you will not have to fight in the beginning and this can prevent you from being a third-party and Sandwich.

How to make a perfect squad in PUBG Mobile?

Beating in PUBG cannot give you ranking points, so take every fight carefully and listen to every call of the team leader and if you listen to the team, the team will listen to you.

#1. IGL (In-Game Leader)

The job of a leader is to get the team served correctly which is the main player of your team who will guide you how to take position and how to rotate the zone and win the match. A good IGL is there, Guides according to the situation.

#2. Entry Assaulter or Fragger

This player is a little aggressive who helps the team on the basis of quality fight, having an athlete in his team who plays the main role while attacking another team.

#3. Sniper or DMR Specialist

The team in PUBG is incomplete without a good sniper, which gives good cover to your team. In a long distance battle, the sniper will protect your team, the sniper is the player who knows how to use the DMR and the sniper rifle well.

#4. Supporter

A supporter does everything that meets your team’s every need, such as healing equals, fulfilling gas cans and vehicles. A supporter acts to identify the team in a safe place during times of trouble.

How to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 16?

The new season at PUBG Mobile is about to begin, and many players are hoping to reach the CONCOR tier. In this article, we are sharing the best tips tricks to reach Conqueror Tier in Season 16 of PUBG Mobile, so that you can easily Conqueror.

#1 Plan your landing spot carefully:

Palancing the landing spot with your team mate, the city in which you perform well will land where you will be able to survive and fight the valiant battle. Listen to your team leader’s voice and support your team.

#2 Play mixed gameplay (Rush+Survival):

Played according to situation, sometimes rush or sometimes survival. Initially you have to land at a place where you get good loot and avoid the initial fight. In Platinum and Diamond you have to play Rush, which will allow you to get more points quickly, and play a little more carefully in Crown and Ace so that you don’t get point minus.

PUBG is a survival game in which you have to live till the end. The real objective of the players in this game is to stay alive and not increase the killings. This will also save you from the fight and you will move quickly to the Conqueror.

#3 Get a vehicle:

Vehicles play an important role when they rank rank in High Tier in PUBG Mobile. You can enter the play zone using Dacia or UAZ to move from place to place in the map. Apart from this, after fighting in the open, you will be able to blast the car and use it as a cover.

#4 Get third party kills:

Take out third party kilos, along with survival you will also have to remove kills which will give you extra ranking points so that you can reach Conqueror tier quickly in season 16. If you serve without a kill till Diemond, then your points will not be minus, but after the crown tir, you will have to take 3-4 in every match. Which will give you 15-25 points.

#5 Proper use of throwables and other utilities:

The use of Throbbels and other utilities such as Healing and Booster has increased significantly increasing rank. If you use smoke grenade and frog grenade properly then you will be able to get good kills in fights. When your fight is happening with another squad, it comes in handy when a team is battling an enemy squad.

In today’s article, you have learned that PUBG Mobile Me Rank Push Kaise Kare and Tips Tricks to go to Conqueror in season 16, which will help improve your rank pushing techniques, if you have some suggestions about this, then consider us by commenting .

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