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October 24, 2021

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APK Kustom Widget Maker:-A lot of people worldwide are troubled because they do not know how to manage their home screens and design layouts of the gadgets they use.

o customize your widgets to your desires, you can use the Kwgt APK application. This product allows you to customize the font size, color, look, and location of app icons and search bars. An honest app review and coverage of premium features will be covered in this article. The kwgt Pro app can be downloaded here.

Kwgt APK is an application that can modify the widgets, which alters the appearance of the files and icons on the device. With all its premium features to this PAPK, users are giving this app an average rating of more than four stars on the Google Play Store Application. This application has removed the traditional way of using the device.

Kustom can be removed from battery-saving if it’s not reliable so that you can change the refresh rate in the advanced settings. The vast majority of users will begin with one of the thousands of widgets available, load a preset, change a few global settings and save.

Developer:Kustom Industries
Latest Version:3.57b106811
Updated:April 21, 2021
Total installs:5,000,000+

Custom Widget Maker Premium features

kwgt pro key apk is an excellent app with many unique, premium features. Here’s a brief rundown:

  1. Various fonts, colors, and sizes can be customized for your text to your friends and colleagues.
  2. It looks fabulous when you transform the text into curved & skewed shapes.
  3. Essentially, you can change the way your lock looks on your device if you wish.
  4. A lot of users, as well as developers, have found Kwgt Apk to be an end-to-end solution.
  5. Widget launchers and lock system apps like this are what you see.
  6. Using widgets, live maps, sophisticated batteries, and many more, you can create a custom weather widget.
  7. The device performs better because of optimum battery consumption.
  8. Users with the Google Play version do not have access to all of these premium features for free.

What is Not?

This widget-making application, the Kwgt Mod APK, allows you to make your lock screen look and function in the way you desire. Aside from saving battery charge, it also changes the widget-making device.

This application has become one of the most used in this particular niche due to its ability to create digital clocks, change the font size and color of the text, and add astronomy widgets.


  • – New loader window, feedback welcome!
  • – Added to(URL) to encode URLs
  • – Added si(power save) to show when power save is on
  • – Fixed traditional and simplified Chinese in language settings
  • – Fixed delay in launching in Android 11 for KLWP
  • – Fixed location search not working in some language
  • – Fixed crop not working in the editor
  • – Fixed BT state not updated on change
  • – Fixed SIM count on some device


Several items from the root can be copied and pasted to outpatients or layers. Items stacked vertically or horizontally can be stacked easiPartsents can also be reused since you create just one, then use the same one throughout your app. A widget can now be exported as a component, so making this easier. Email [email protected]

Here’s what’s wrong. Install the latest beta version of Kustom at kustom. Rocks/downloads if you’re running into an issue.

It is recommended that the size mode is “locked” in settings -> width mode, and the widget’s orientation is correctly detected. If that doesn’t work, please email [email protected]

This is normal if you mean when you restart your phone after installing an app. Android will start it when it can. Since shutting the screen off is not every day, you will need to ensure Kustom is not a part of battery optimization settings and the notification mode is forced.

There is no truth to this. It gives you the freedom to create widgets, and the best part is you can backup your work in the cloud. Also, I always offer coupons at the Indian price since it is 80% cheaper.

Feedback by Public users

  • Fantastic app. insanely customizable. It can do so much for you. Once you master it, you’ll know it’s a lot of fun! It’s easy to get started with the editor once you learn how to use it.
  • Wow! I have no words – why? I don’t know why so many people call it “easily available” or a “difficult application,” but it’s not. I like the design, it’s effortless, and it is functional! It’s that easy! I look forward to hearing from you. Once you’ve docked the widget, as usual, you can easily edit it afterward. Moreover, it is an excellent app for those who love customized phones.

Final Verdict

With the help of kwgt pro mod apk, the kwgt widget helps you customize the device by changing its basic structure. You can make the gadget user-friendly by making the aesthetics of the widget completely different.

A wide variety of clock styles, app icons, and customization options are now available with the kit widget pro apk. It will also provide opportunities for charging the device, which uses less power.

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